New Beginnings by guest blogger Molly Chester

I am so thrilled that my friend, Chef Molly Chester, has found time in her busy schedule to write a guest blog post for Cook Global. Eat at Home!

Molly gets my respect in so many ways—as a cook, as a planner and environmental advocate, as a woman and entrepreneur.  Below, you will learn more about how she is set to explore beyond her professional career as a traditional foods chef.

I was preparing the topics of discussion for an upcoming presentation at the Environmental Protection Agency  in San Francisco next week: ‘Sustainable farming, the environment, and public health’.  Immediately, I thought it’d be perfect to show Molly’s project as a case study! You will see why.

I will be visiting her pretty soon and taking pictures to share during my presentation. I will also write a blog post to share my experience with you and a brand new recipe inspired by Apricot Lanes Farm .

In the meantime, enjoy her post and recipe as well as the gorgeous pictures!!

New Beginnings

Well, hello there!  A big thanks to my dear friend Alejandra for allowing me to pop in here and talk to you all for a minute.  Maybe like you, I sat at home in my PJs and cheered for my sweet friend during her very successful MasterChef run, and I drool over her incredible recipes often.  I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting round her dinner table, and let me tell you, there’s nobody that creates a more welcoming dinner table than our Alejandra.  Her talent’s in her bones and she never forgets to add an extra dash of love.

Alejandra graciously invited me to guest blog because I have an exciting new project that I wanted to share.  My husband (a documentary filmmaker) and myself (a traditional foods chef) have taken on the responsibility of farming a beautiful 130-acre piece of land, including guiding its transition to organic and ultimately biodynamic farming.  It’s an amazing adventure, along with a huge responsibility, one that totally lights our fire.  Someday soon, I’ll be excited to share our future plans for a farmer’s market operation in and around LA, dinners on the farm and possibly even product lines.  But first, I invite you to visit our Facebook page, where we post videos of our daily farming highs & lows, and I’d love for you to stop on by our blog, Organic Spark, for more recipes like the one I’m sharing with you here today.

I chose Coconut Mango Ice Cream because it felt like a dish that I would like to serve Alejandra.  Something about the mango makes me think of her personality, full of flavor and undeniably likeable!  This dish is decadent, creamy and surprisingly dairy-free. It’s my favorite ice cream recipe out there, and I hope you just love it…

Coconut Mango Ice Cream

Serves: 6-8

I suggest using the measurements on the side of the blender to make sure the mango puree does not exceed 2 cups.  If it does, remove the excess, save and use in future smoothies or as a topping for warm breakfast oatmeal. 


  • 3 medium-sized mangos
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1 tbsp vodka
  • 2 tsp coconut flavoring
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup raw honey
  • 1 can organic whole coconut milk


Cut the mango meat from the pit and cube.

Place fruit in a high-speed blender.  Puree to garner 2 cups, no more.

To the blender, add eggs, vodka, coconut flavoring and sea salt. Pulse to combine.

Add honey and blend to combine.  Finally, add the coconut milk and blend until all ingredients are well combined.

Pour mixture into an ice cream machine after it is running.  Allow the mixture to freeze.  Pour into an airtight container and freeze.

Molly Chester, from Organic Spark

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