Up in the air, on my way down South

UP IN THE AIR—that’s where I am. Oh yes, with so much work and a pretty tight schedule I have to take any opportunity I get to write these days. And today that happens to be on a plane.

I am on my way to Atlanta and I am very excited as this is my first time. Yay! I was invited to do a cooking demonstration on CNN Español’s morning show: Café CNN. Here, I will be cooking one of my healthy and bold South American dishes along with host and TV sweetheart Alejandra Oraa  who, by the way, is also from Venezuela!

Among other things, I also get the opportunity to help teach a MasterChef Enthusiast class at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts—“Soups, Sauces, and Stocks”. Anyone that knows me is well aware of my love for making soups, stews, and all kinds of saucy stuff. So this is a great match for me! I am definitely planning on sharing with the students the recipe of my “Chunky Chicken Chili Soup” from the group challenge at the LA Times cafeteria. Good stuff.

So here I come!! Ready for the South and looking forward to Taste of Atlanta and lots of other  foodie experiences—to share some and to learn from others. I am coming with an open mind and looking forward to expanding my culinary horizons even further. I will be sharing notes from the trip as well as photographs upon my return so stay tuned!

Signing off from thousands of feet above ground. Hasta la vista!

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